Designing and making hydrogen systems, the new Giacomini’s publication

13 October 2010

Designing and making hydrogen systems, the new Giacomini’s publication

Giacomini presents the new publication “Designing and making hydrogen systems” written by the engineers of Giacomini’s Research Centre, Servilio Gioria and Samuele Molina.

The volume proposes to spread a new culture about the possible uses of hydrogen, by referring particularly to the catalytic burner set up in Giacomini’s research laboratories. The objective is making familiar a technology that nowadays is new and not much well-known, but destined to confirm its own potential in the following years, when it will show an interesting solution, applicable on a large scale.

The text “Designing and making hydrogen systems” beside the examination of the processes at the base of the combustion without flame analyses the technologies of the water electrolysis to draw the hydrogen needed to the process (that releases with oxygen).

The other process stages, such as gas storage in compressed form or as hydrides, the production of electric current through fuel cells, and the possibility of transferring the produced electric energy to the net, are also examined.

A wide part of the book is dedicated to the norms concerning safety, and a considerable part of annexes that goes into the theoretical bases of the process is dedicated to those who approach now this matter.

The privileged consignees of the volume are the hydraulic installers, who will attend Giacomini’s training courses about the new hydrogen technologies.