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First on the market, the new “green” dehumidifiers by Giacomini are now available.


After the preview at ISH in Frankfurt, Giacomini -first on the market - is now ready to sell  the dehumidifiers with ecologic refrigerating fluid.

Monoblock units KDP series (wall- mounted) and KDS series (false-ceiling installation) for air humidity control, compact and noiseless, for ideal combination with cooling radiant panels in residential installations. In these refrigerating units, including hydronic coils fed by the panel refrigerated water, air undergoes a special thermodynamic treatment for heavy dehumidification to prevent condensation. Available also with sensible power integration and primary air treatment.

These machines combine a maximized efficiency with an ecological soul: the refrigerating fluid used by the refrigerating circuit is indeed R290 propane, a natural alternative to traditional refrigerating gases which feature high contents of GWP (Global Warming Potential, that is the global greenhouse warming potential caused by gas in the atmosphere).

Energy saving and environment attention: Giacomini innovation goes on.