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Official opening of the BIG HIT project in Kirkwall on May 15th 2018



The sustainable project on the Orkney Islands provides for the installation of the Giacomini cathalytic hydrogen  burner

The official opening of the BIG HIT project will take place in Kirkwall (Orkney Islands, Scotland)) on 15th May 2018. BIG HIT is an interesting case study about the building application of off-grid renewable energy with a special focus on hydrogen solutions, in order to have a self-sufficient area and give a concrete example  of how to deliver the energy transition to low carbon systems could be actually  possible.


BIG HIT is the acronym for Building Innovative Green Hydrogen Systems In Isolated Territories (BIG HIT), a set of solutions with energy production from renewable sources (wind turbines),  and hydrogen production and storage thanks to the common efforts of European policies, university’s and company’s research that for years have chosen to enhance studies and applications in this field. BIG HIT collects expertise from partners from Denmark, France, Italy, Malta, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The project involves the installation of the Giacomini H₂ydroGEM hydrogen generator and it will make the Scotland Orkney Islands a replicable prototype for the use of hydrogen, exploiting renewable energy generated locally to produce hydrogen (by two big electrolysers) which can then be used as a clean energy vector to store and use valuable energy for local applications.