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Always improve, reducing waste.


Giacomini invited at the Politecnico in Milan to present Kaizen method's results

Always improve, reducing waste. The recipe comes from Japan and is called Kaizen, which means continuous improvement. A method that since 2012 entered Giacomini’s production facilities, by involving working groups that over the years have proven themselves on specific projects, obtaining very interesting results. So much to gain the attention of the Polytechnic of Milan, which in recent months has made available undergraduates in engineering management, to form a pilot working group with some Giacomini’s collaborators managed by Antonello Carnì. The team focused on optimizing workflows for the production of some product lines, and achieved a waste of time reduction and a better management of the resources involved in production, with a process that is technically called  "cells process".

The results of this work will be presented on July 18th  at the "MIgliorere per Vincere" conference at Bovisa Campus of Milan Polytechnic, where Giacomini's Lean Manager Alessandro Dal Ponte, will testify the results of his work.