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Discover our Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV)


The solution that makes designers and installers’ work easier assuring at the same time comfort and energy efficiency as well

PICV application

The R206A PICV by Giacomini features two different working modes based on needs. To achieve independent pressure control according to the thermal load required for the interested circuit section, a proportional linear actuator must be installed (K281 by Giacomini). The second mode enables to automatically set the maximum flow rate and/or shut off the flow, manually, without an actuator, using the handwheel, or automatically, installing an On/Off thermo-electric actuator (R473 by Giacomini). 


The valve differential pressure P1-P3 must be within 25÷400 kPa or 25÷800 kPa range, depending on whether actuators are installed or not, to ensure the valve keeps the flow rate constant. The valve controls and maintains differential pressure P2-P3 constant through the piston movement, resulting from the force generated by the pressure difference and the counter-spring. When the valve differential pressure P1-P3 increases, the piston rises and squeezes the port to maintain P2-P3 constant; under such conditions, flow rate Q will always be constant as the valve flow coefficient Kv decreases.