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Giacomini stops any Giacomini’s trademark and product patents infringement


In order to stop any Giacomini’s trademark and product patents infringement, in response to some cases of illegal use that occurred in the Asian area, we have recently carried out several strong administrative and legal actions, particularly in China.


It was reaffirmed that Giacomini S.p.A. is the only legal entity authorized to use the GIACOMINI trademark, since it is protected worldwide, together with its domain names and copyrights, patents and designs related to its products.
These legal actions led to the undisputed consolidation of the GIACOMINI mark at international level: it is now clear that any unauthorized use on the market of the GIACOMINI mark, including the use of misleading marks similar to GIACOMINI, will be considered as a violation that we will legally prosecute, by every way and by every means, in order to safeguard our legitimate rights and interests.
We recommend to our customers wishing to purchase our original products that they do so solely and exclusively from our authorized resellers, who can also offer complete sale and after-sale services. Furthermore, we warn our customers not to purchase Giacomini’s products via non-authorized e-commerce websites.