Thermal energy meters

Volumetric thermal energy meters with double register, for measuring heating/cooling consumption. - Electronic processing unit - Flow rate measuring section - Impulsive inputs for domestic water meters - Two water temperature probes (delivery and return) - Max. working temperature 90 °C - Max. working pressure 16 bar - Arranged for data communication in accordance with M-Bus EN1434 or Wireless M-Bus EN13757 (by GE552Y027 board) - EC marks - Certified in accordance with MID Directive 2014/32/EU

Product Code Size Pack Single Pack Multiple
GE552Y215 3/4" - M-Bus / M-Bus Wireless 1 -
GE552Y216 3/4" - M-Bus / M-Bus Wireless 1 -
GE552Y217 1" - M-Bus / M-Bus Wireless 1 -
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