Electronic heat cost allocator with Wireless M-Bus data transmission, OMS

Electronic heat cost allocator with Wireless M-Bus data transmission at 868 MHz complying with OMS Standard.
EN834 compliance certificate.
Two temperature sensors, with automatic commutation to one sensor under critical temperature reading conditions.
Optical interface for programming/reading through special configuration key.
Anti-tampering seal and disassembly alarm with data saving.
Daily data saving with monthly historical record.
Lithium battery, standard life 10 years.
Types of centralized system: twin-pipe/single-pipe.
Radiator max. power 12500 W.
Working temperature range (min.T for metering start - max.T) 21÷90 °C.
Warehouse storage temperature range 10÷30 °C.


GE700Y033: with remote sensor. To be used in installation situations in which the radiator is difficult to access, or where there is insufficient space to fit the heat cost allocator. In these cases, the heat cost allocator and probe can be installed separately, with the remote sensor in contact with the surface of the radiator.
Suitable for measuring thermal consumption in convectors. Includes probe and kit to fit the heat cost allocator to the wall. Remote probe cable length: 2 m.

Product Code Size Pack Single Pack Multiple
GE700Y030 1 100
GE700Y033 With remote sensor 1 40
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