Manifold with mixing valve suitable for electronic thermoregulation

Manifold with mixing valve and electronic thermoregulation.
It is composed of:
- 1 delivery manifold with lockshield valves flow meters (scale 0,5-5 l/min).
- 1 return manifold with shut-off valves (optionally replaceable with thermo-electric heads)
- Filling/draining tap.
- Air vent valves.
- Thermometers.
- Self-modulating circulator complying with Directive ErP
- Metal cabinet with brackets.
- Cabinet dimensions: height 605 mm - thickness 110 mm.
Temperature range: 5÷110 °C
Max. working pressure: 6 bar

To be completed with:
- K281X012 actuator for mixing valve
- Components for thermoregulation
- R559W insulation
- R553AY002 or R553AY003<(>,<)> 1" high temperature kit
- GE550Y100<(>,<)> 1" metering kit

For connection to the pipe use the base 18 R178, R179, R179AM adaptors

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