Am fost născuți cu apa, însăși simbolul vieții. De aceea am avut întotdeauna grijă de mediul înconjurător și am dezvoltat o serie de componente și sisteme unice pentru sectorul energiilor regenerabile.



  • Components for solar thermal systems

    Obtaining free energy from the sun by installing a solar thermal system, at the same time ensuring a notable reduction in the cost of your electricity bill. Installing a solar thermal system means making an important contribution to the protection of the environment too, as it helps reduce the emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere. In addition, investing in solar technology also means giving your home added value.

  • Components for biomass systems

    A modern biomass boiler (using pellets, woodchips, wood briquettes or wood waste)  is an ecological and cost-effective alternative (or addition) to traditional heating systems using fossil fuels.

    For this renewed market trend, we have safety and adjustment devices that guarantee the biomass system can work reliably, efficiently and safely.