Mission and values

We aim at working in an ethical and sustainable way for man and the environment while offering products and services for people’s wellness and the reduction of energy waste.


The conditions of the spaces where we live and work affect our wellness and the planet’s. That is the reason why we must be fully aware of the role we play and use the water and the thermal energy of HVAC systems in a smart and efficient way.

Our mission is to make the difference in the way we enjoy indoor spaces. We strive to achieve this goal by taking every decision and action based on 3 essential factors:  energy saving, living comfort and sustainability


ENERGY SAVING, for top-notch efficiency and zero waste.

We aim at promoting awareness-based consuming habits by exploiting water and energy more efficiently while cutting down energy waste.

Our HVAC solutions already offer greater energy saving rates, with radiant systems featuring reduced temperature differences, energy metering, hydronic system balancing and smart water control.


LIVING COMFORT, for the utmost wellness of every space.

We want people to enjoy their homes, the spaces where they work and every other indoor environment where they spend time, and that is why we consider thermal comfort an essential element of wellbeing.


Our HVAC radiant systems, combined to heat recovery ventilation and air treatment, ensure outstanding levels of thermal comfort in every season along with optimal quality for indoor air, thanks to the ideal control of temperature and humidity and no invasive air currents.


SUSTAINABILITY, to protect the environment and people.

We want to promote a business model that respects the environment and man: our systems work on renewable energy sources, and we make our business decisions taking into consideration social and territory needs.

We design our products using as much as possible materials that do not harm the environment and manufacture HVAC systems that constantly evolve towards a greener energy scenario: our ultimate goal is to use zero-emission energy, hydrogen and organic fuels.

Our facilities have been planned with a low environment impact in mind with photovoltaic roofs and geothermal probes for radiant systems. These were awarded with major integrated certifications that confirm the goals achieved in terms of environment protection, quality and workplace safety.

As for social sustainability, we also support our employees by investing in training programs and initiatives dedicated to their families as well: for example, we were the first enterprise of our territory to create a Company daycare nursery-school.

Our strategy


We put their needs on the forefront in everything we do, from product design to post-sale service.


We strive for innovation in constantly searching for new and better solutions while guaranteeing outstanding quality.


Of course, business goes hand in hand with profit, but we believe that environment protection and the respect for people come first.


We consider our employees our most precious resource: their growth and wellbeing represent our first and most powerful asset.


For more than 70 years, we have been carrying our production at our Italian plants while respecting the land where our workers and their families live.

 Find out more about our business principles, organization and strategies in the documents below.