For Giacomini, doing business also means to think about people’s wellbeing and protect the environment, because we feel responsible for every aspect affected by our activities and we care about the future.

Alberto Giacomini, the founder of our Group, used to say: “The people that work for me are my greatest asset”. These words have always been reflected by real actions that prove his honesty.


What we do for people

We strive to empower and support our valued employees in every aspect of their lives, both professional and private. We repay their devotion, responsibility and team spirit with dedicated initiatives to promote their personal and professional growth.

That is why we have offered our employees controlled-rent lodgings since the ‘60s, and for over two decades we have provided their children a Company Daycare Nursery-School designed on a relational architectonic model where shapes and spaces support learning, individual development and socialization among children.

nido-scuola giacomini

Our individual-oriented approach is also mirrored by a number of activities aimed at protecting our employees and collaborators’ psychic and physic wellbeing:

  • psychological support to deal with the discomfort caused by the pandemic;
  • a physiotherapist that performs therapies and recommends the best posture for work activities;
  • professional and specialization training programs;
  • mindfulness collective meetings to share work experiences, feelings, fatigue and goals;
  • contests (such as the “Fabbrica delle idee”) aimed at stimulating and valorizing our workers’ improvement suggestions;
  • projects dedicated to teenagers and young people to promote their introduction in the work sector, in close collaboration with schools.
Il nostro team

Our contribution to the environment

The deep bond with our territory is the foundation of our efforts to protect the environment through:

  • a responsible use of energy and environmental resources;
  • great care in the way we use raw materials, constantly monitoring atmosphere emissions, water drains and industrial waste;
  • purchase of “green” electric energy only and not from fossil fuels;
  • preferential use of clean energy sources, like the 7.000 m2 photovoltaic field on our production plant roof that provides electric energy to our headquarters of San Maurizio d’Opaglio;
  • the installation of geothermal and solar thermal HVAC systems in certain production divisions, housed in buildings with a low environmental impact.

Our care in terms of quality, environment, health and workplace safety, along with our vocation for constant improvement, is also proven by our certifications UNI EN ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001.

mission sostenibilitĂ  ambiente