The essential dimension of balancing

In today’s fast-evolving construction landscape, the pursuit of energy efficiency and superior indoor air quality is paramount. As legislators worldwide strive to push for smarter and greener construction, the role of fan coil applications cannot be understated.

With the growing interest for indoor healthiness experienced in recent years, heating, ventilation and HVAC systems based on fan coil solutions are the favorite go-to option for many large and highly frequented spaces: hospitals, offices, airports, schools and commercial spaces.
These systems must guarantee regular operation and streamlined maintenance; that is why it is key to offer accessories born to simplify installation, operation and upkeep, while enhancing the overall performance of the HVAC system and guaranteeing indoor air quality along with top-notch comfort.

For this type of applications Giacomini provides solutions aimed at creating comfortable, healthy and efficient HVAC systems, cutting down planning errors and streamlining installation.

Integration of elements such as the R280KC compact kit for terminal units is key, as it enables to safely connect in an easy fashion fan coils, chilled beams and other types of terminal units to the main distribution line and simplify maintenance operations. In addition to extending the useful life of the system, installing this component will enhance its energy efficiency performance.

The essential dimension of balancing
R280KC fan coil kit


The R280KC compact kit for terminal units (fan coils) is key not just for its extremely reduced dimensions but also for its components, which are essential to seamlessly operate the system.
In less than 20 cm, the pre-assembled kit efficiently combines the elements required for balancing and maintenance of HVAC terminal units, such as fan coils and chilled beams, connecting them to the main distribution line in a simple, quick and flawless manner.

Main features

  • Supply-return reversibility
  • Less planning and installation errors
  • Pre-assembled: quick and simple installation
  • Quick connection: only 4 connections
  • Controls both heating and cooling
  • Streamlined maintenance


The R280KC pre-assembled kit consists of a diverting ball valve to bypass the unit, a full-port ball valve with integrated filter, a pressure independent control valve (PICV), a drain cock and four pressure ports to measure the differential pressure and the flow rate.
With the PICV, the terminal unit flow rate remains constant even when the differential pressure of the main circuit changes.
The two ball valves enable to isolate the terminal unit and streamline its maintenance.
The ball valve with integrated filter protects the system and the filter can be cleaned without draining the system itself.

  1. Probe holder
  2. Diverting ball valve for kit bypass
  3. Pressure independent control valve (PICV)
  4. Ball valve with integrated filter
  5. Actuator
R280KC components

How it works

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