OEM products (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Our planning know-how and the capacity to produce in house almost the totality of our products enable us to offer special components for OEM clients looking for turnkey and tailor-made items.

What we can do

Our range of products for OEM clients includes a variety of specific items. Our company’s specialty are brass components, but we also use other materials.

We provide different product categories:

  • Thermostatic heads
  • Valves, lockshields and, in general, radiator components
  • Various types of fittings
  • Brass-bar or forged manifolds, technopolymer or stainless-steel manifolds
  • Balancing valves
  • Boiler room components (dirt separators, air separators, safety valves, etc.)
  • Zone valves (2-way, 3-way, 6-way valves)
  • Ball valves and cocks
  • Mixing units and valves
  • Circulation units for thermal solar systems
  • PE-X, PE-RT and PB plastic pipes

In addition to a wide range of customization options for products in stock, we can assess, design, and produce any type of item side by side with our clients. The brass we use is fit for our industrialization system, starting from hot forging up to mechanical machining and assembly with sealing tests.

The co-design of OEM customized products is based on a specific technical analysis required to draw up the Product Specifications that, along with the General Terms and Conditions and the Sale Contract, form the foundation of the supply.