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In this section you can download our catalogues, data sheets, or Giacomini product certifications.

The technical communications only have explanatory value. Giacomini S.p.A. reserves its right to make modifications at any time for technical or commercial reasons, without prior notice, to the items described in the documentation mentioned above. The information included in our technical documentation does not exempt the user from following carefully the existing regulations and norms on good workmanship.

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International Catalogue

International Catalogue - Version February 2019

Technical collection (All Giacomini datasheet)

Technical collection of datasheet - Update June 2020








Certifications - Thermostatic valves / KEYMARK EN 215-EN


R460 - Datasheet

R460H - Datasheet

R468 - Datasheet

R468C - Datasheet

R468H - Datasheet

R469 - Datasheet

R469H - Datasheet

R470 - Datasheet

R470H - Datasheet

D series valves - Datasheet

H series valves - Datasheet

VT series valves - Datasheet

VTL series valves - Datasheet

"GIACOTECH" TG, F series valves - Technical documentation



H-VTL series valves - Instructions

TG-D-F-VT series valves - Instructions



R401D - Keymark

R402D - Keymark

R401F - Keymark

R402F - Keymark

R421F - Keymark

R422F - Keymark

R415TG - Keymark

R435TG - Keymark

R401VT - Keymark

R402VT - Keymark

R415VT - Keymark

R460 - Keymark

R468 - Keymark

R468C - Keymark

R469 - Keymark

R470 - Keymark

R401H - Keymark

R402H - Keymark

R403H - Keymark

R415H - Keymark

R401VTL - Keymark

R402VTL - Keymark

R415VTL - Keymark

R460H - Keymark

R468H - Keymark

R469H - Keymark

R470H - Keymark

R460 - Tell

R460H - Tell

R468 - Tell

R468C - Tell

R468H - Tell

R469 - Tell

R469H - Tell

Certifications - Ball valves

Certifications - Pipes and fittings

Certifications - Boiler room

Certifications - Components for boiler room and renewable sources


For further information about our products concerning the REACH Regulation (CE) n. 1907/2006, please contact Giacomini S.p.A. at the following e-mail address

DoP, Declaration of Performance

To receive declarations of performance of products compliant with EU Regulation 305/2011, please contact Giacomini S.p.A. to the e-mail address

Software for programming key K471

• Download the folder
• Once you‘ve downloaded the software folder, unzip the zipped folder with special program (for example: winrar or winzip)
• Open the unzipped folder K471_software and make the next double-click to open the folder K471
• Start the application K471.exe. The program will start automatically at the current Windows operating system language

IMPORTANT: do not move or delete any files included in the folder K471_software


KD410Y001 Connect-RAD - User manual

KD410Y002 Connect-TRV - User manual

APP Connect - User manual

Note on Product Certifications

The information about certifications, approvals and homologations featured on the catalogue is purely approximate, it is subject to continuous update and could refer to certain product sizes only. Giacomini S.p.A. excludes any type of implicit or explicit responsibility related to information that might be obsolete, incomplete or not relevant.

In case of lack of or unclear information please do get in touch with Giacomini Technical Support. Giacomini S.p.A. reserves its right to modify products and related technical information in any moment and without previous warning.