Giacomini and the Politecnico of Milan partner up for sustainability


Giacomini’s research dedicated to hydrogen continues with a first-rate partner.

Giacomini continues the development of its hydrogen-fueled catalytic boilers relying on the skilled research and consultancy of the Energy Department of the Politecnico of Milan.

Giacomini, European leader in the production of hydro-thermal systems with a 200-million-euro turnover, 3 production plants in Italy, 19 international organizations and 900 employees, confirms its growing commitment for energy upgrade and sustainable development in the construction sector through a recent partnership with the Politecnico of Milan.

As also highlighted in the study “H2 Italy 2050: a national hydrogen production line for the growth and decarbonization of Italy” (The European House - Ambrosetti, in collaboration with Snam), hydrogen represents a sector showing huge potential for the Italian and world economy.

Thanks to its intrinsic characteristics, hydrogen is considered an energy vessel essential for the «decarbonized» future of our planet: it is emission free and can be produced without generating climate-changing emissions.

Clean hydrogen is key to achieve the European Green Deal goals, that is cutting down climate-changing emissions by 50-55% within 2030 and by 100% within 2050. In presenting the strategy for sustainable development last July, Brussels has decided to start a new thirty-year program to encourage hydrogen production for energy purposes at competitive costs, in particular “green hydrogen”, created through water electrolysis fueled by renewable energy.

In addition, thanks to its storage characteristics, hydrogen can offer great benefits to the entire energy system and guarantee the full exploitation of the electric energy produced with non-programmable renewable sources.

A true “hydrogen revolution” will therefore involve all the sectors that still produce the largest share of emissions harmful for the climate, among which heating systems.

And this is exactly the field where Giacomini, in committing at 360 degrees for sustainability, strives to improve its hydrogen-fueled catalytic boiler for residential buildings that will generate zero polluting emissions (CO2 and NOx).