After a negotiation started by Giacomini together with Unions and their local representatives and continuously supported by Confindustria Novara Vercelli Valsesia, on October 27th our company signed an important integrative agreement for 2023 and 2024 pertaining both plants situated in S. Maurizio d’Opaglio.

The agreement, covering 600+ staff members, finds its cornerstone in the mutual intention to strengthen industrial relations and involve Giacomini personnel to achieve business goals by respecting corporate values. These goals can only be reached with the full commitment of everyone, at every level.

The agreement  defines a flexibility framework that will allow the Company to face the ever increasing abrupt changes of the market. On top of that, we introduced a Company bonus based on corporate profitability, productivity and individual targets. On the side, we emphasized the involvement of the staff members  with the overall goal to  improve health and safety standards in the workplace through direct reporting by individuals of possible risky situations, so that they can be dealt with before injuries occur.

In addition, the agreement highlights those benefits that Giacomini offers to their people -such as the Kindergarten, listening desk, canteen service, medical visits – that all the parts involved wanted to make official and integrate further .

Giacomini wishes to share its full satisfaction for this agreement, strongly believing that it will constitute a key tool to seize future development opportunities, while fostering ultimate job satisfaction for its people, beating heart of the Company.

At the time of the signing of the agreement, the Group also shared with the local representatives the decision to assign to all the personnel, benefiting from the future company bonus, an una tantum economic reward of €500 starting from November 2022.  Giacomini Group wants to enhance the decisive contribution of the workers in a year of excellent results for our Company .