Pre-assembled DB manifolds with integrated dynamic balancing


Efficiency, reliability, comfort: maximum performance in heating and cooling systems.

The DB series distribution manifolds are equipped with a built-in cartridge that controls and limits the flow rate according to preset values.The preset flow rate on the cartridge will not be exceeded, even when the load changes in the system due to other circuits being closed/opener or when first starting the system.Within a minimum and maximum differential pressure range, this operation is completely independent of the differential pressure.If, during system operation, the flow rate starts to increase when other system circuits are closing, the cartridge membrane will reduce the opening surface area, so that the flow rate is automatically limited to the preset value. Conversely, if the flow rate starts to fall below the preset value, the cartridge membrane expands the opening surface area and the flow rate increases back to the preset value.1. On the flow rate presetting diagram, identify which cartridge position corresponds to the desired flow rate.4. Remove the adjustment tool and reposition the knob or any electric thermostatic valve.2. Remove the knob from the valve using a screwdriver and place the adjustment tool on the cartridge.3. Turn the adjustment tool until the desired position is indicated in the tool slot.As the desired design flow rate can be preset directly on the cartridge using an R73P adjustment tool, complicated pressure drop and balancing calculations are no longer necessary; furthermore, commissioning times are much faster.These characteristics are very important in new systems, and even more significant in renovations, where many of the parameters are often not know to installer or user.