Egypt Seminar in Cairo



Report of the recently concluded Seminar in Cairo, Egypt, on May 11, 2024.

Egypt Seminar in Cairo

A Successful Seminar: Thanks and Appreciation

An enthusiastic atmosphere characterized our seminar held on May 11th in Cairo, Egypt. The event, organized in collaboration with our partner Integrated Engineering Co – IEC, was a valuable opportunity to share the story of our company and the journey of evolution and growth that has accompanied us for over 70 years since our founding.

An Event of Great Value

The participation of Eng. Ahmed Abdalla – Middle East & Africa Manager, and Eng. Roberto Torreggiani – Chief Products & Engineering Officer, allowed us to demonstrate how Made in Italy represents a significant advantage in the international market. Their presence enriched the event, highlighting the quality and innovation that have always defined our products. It was also an important moment to showcase the wide range of products from the Giacomini world to the participants.

Our Solutions

During the seminar, we presented our solutions, some of which are already widely known and used in Africa, such as brass fire protection valves. We also introduced other innovative solutions to the market, including chrome-plated fire protection valves and valves for HVAC systems and hazardous gas applications.

In particular, our flagship product, the Fan Coil Kit, attracted much attention. This kit, with its features that combine the necessary components for balancing, control, flushing, and commissioning of HVAC terminal units, represents an extremely quick-to-install tool with a reduced risk of installation errors.

Our Ongoing Commitment

Our dedication to improvement and innovation is rewarded by events like this. The satisfaction and positive feedback received during the seminar motivate us to continue on this path, maintaining our high standards of quality and efficiency.

A sincere thank you to all the participants for their interest and enthusiasm! We look forward to sharing more exciting news with you and meeting you at our future events. Stay updated on our upcoming initiatives by following us on our social media channels!