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R206A Pressure independent control valve (PICV)

Pressure independent control valve (PICV).
Combines an automatic control of the flow rate with an optional control of the valve throught an actuator.
The valve is able to regulate the flow rate and keep it constant as the differential pressure conditions vary within the hydraulic circuit in which it is installed.
The valve can be used with two operating modes:
- independent control of the pressure (with K281 actuator installed) in accordance with the thermal load requirements of the circuit section to be controlled;
- limitation of the flow rate and/or shut-off of the fluid (without actuator or with R473 thermo-electric actuator installed).

Flow rateadjustment is guaranteed within the declared differential pressure range, with a maintained error of ± 10 % on the controlled flow rate value.

The valve is equipped with pressure ports for measuring the differential pressure in combination with a differential pressure gauge and its own probes.
R73PY010 setting key for flow rate presetting included.

Temperature range: 5÷120 °C.
Max. working pressure: 25 bar (2,5 MPa).
Working differential pressure range:
25÷400 kPa (max. 4 bar) with R473 thermo-electric actuator;
25÷800 kPa (max. 8 bar) with K281 actuator or without actuator.
Actuator connection: M30 x 1,5 mm.

Working flow rate range:
R206AY113: 32÷520 l/h (single setting scale)
R206AY103: 150÷380 l/h (LF); 180÷630 l/h (HF)
R206AY104: 320÷910 l/h (LF); 700÷1175 l/h (HF)
R206AY105: 290÷1000 l/h (LF); 860÷1500 l/h (HF)
R206AY125: 600÷3500 l/h (single setting scale)
R206AY106: 800÷4700 l/h (single setting scale)
R206AY107: 5200÷14000 l/h (single setting scale)
R206AY108: 5200÷14000 l/h (single setting scale)
R206AMY103: 150÷380 l/h (LF); 180÷630 l/h (HF)
R206AMY104: 320÷910 l/h (LF); 700÷1175 l/h (HF)
R206AMY114: 290÷1000 l/h (LF); 860÷1500 l/h (HF)


- K281X062: 0..10 V actuator for flow rate proportional linear control, 24 V.
- R473X221: thermo-electric actuator 230 V, normally closed, ON/OFF type.
- R473X222: thermo-electric actuator 24 V, normally closed, ON/OFF type.
- R453FY002: adaptor ring M30 x 1,5 mm for R473 thermo-electric actuator.
- R225EY001: digital pressure gauge to read the differential pressure.
- P206Y001: probe holders for pressure ports.
- P206Y011: probe holders with adjustable fitting for pressure ports.

Spare parts
- R73PY010: setting key for flow rate presetting.


With tail pieces

Code Size BIM(revit) CAD(dxf) Certification
R206AY113 G 1/2"M, DN15 (LF) 1 15 - -
R206AY103 G 1/2"M, DN15 1 15 - -
R206AY104 G 3/4"M, DN20 1 15 - -
R206AY105 G 1"M, DN20 1 15 - -
R206AY125 G 1"M, DN25 (HF) 1 10 - -
R206AY106 G 1-1/4"M, DN25 1 10 - -
R206AY107 G 1-1/2"M, DN50 1 0 - -
R206AY108 G 2"M, DN50 1 0 - -

Without tail pieces

Code Size BIM(revit) CAD(dxf) Certification
R206AMY103 G 3/4"M, DN15 1 15 - -
R206AMY104 G 1"M, DN20 1 15 - -
R206AMY114 G 1"M, DN20 1 15 - -

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