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R982Q Thermoformed insulation panel in EPS

R982Q Thermoformed insulation panel in EPS

Thermoformed insulation panel for radiant floor systems.
Consisting of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS150) with black thermoformed polystyrene protection layer.
Laying pitch: multiples of 50 mm.
Thermal conductivity: 0,034 W/m K.
For Ø16÷17 mm pipes.
Dimensions: 1400x800 mm.


R982QY043: 0,44 (m²K)/W
R982QY115: 0,80 (m²K)/W

* Discontinued product.


Code Size BIM(revit) CAD(dxf) Certification
R982QY043 T50 - h37 20,16 0 - -
R982QY115 T50 - h50 * 13,44 0 - -


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