The Multigas multilayer pipe

The combined benefits of plastic and metal

Just like multilayer pipes for water distribution, G999 Multigas pipes feature layers of different material to exploit the excellent properties of plastic and metal.

The Multigas multilayer pipe
Sezione tubo Multigas

PEX-b cross-linked polyethylene confers great mechanical, physical and chemical characteristics. While the outer layer offers resistance to abrasion, corrosion and electrochemical wear, the inside is extremely smooth for a more fluid circulation and reduced the losses of pressure.

The middle layer in aluminum alloy welded lengthwise head to head confers impressive mechanical resistance, lightness, flexibility during installation, and mechanical memory. It provides impermeability to oxygen and other gases, along with full UV protection. It also enhances the reaction to fire: hardly inflammable, the density of the smoke released is in any case very low and the emissions are not harmful.

And benefits are long lasting. The in-house aging tests guarantee a minimum of 50 years of durability under working conditions.

Wide range of products for domestic fuel gas distribution

The Multigas range includes pipes with 16 to 32 mm diameters. Packed in rolls, it may be provided with an anti-crushing, self-extinguishing and anti-UV corrugated sleeve.

certification marking is printed on the pipe.
Just like RM GAS fittings, it is UNI 11344 certified (metal-plastic multilayer pipe systems and fittings for indoor installation of gas transfer systems): the KIWA UNI KIP-074976/03 - GIACOMINI MULTIGAS certification mark is printed on the pipe.

Its high flexibility allows the user to bend it manually. It is the ideal solution also in complex distribution systems thanks to its very reduced bending radiuses that require less fittings.

tubo multigas G999