CNR, Naples (Italy)

Architectonic project   arch. Romano and arch. Sconamiglio

Project requirement Energy saving and anti-seismic technologies

Type and Volume Service-sector offices / 1500 sq. mt.

Installer  IES srl

The floor system by Giacomini installed inside the CNR of Naples works both has heating and cooling system: in winter it runs with a water temperature between 25 C° and 40 C°, while in summer the values range between 15 C° and 19 C°.

Giacomini’s radiant floors work with a reduced temperature difference between the water and the HVAC room, as well as between the room itself and the external air; that is why they can be defined as a reduced temperature difference system able to provide top-tier energy saving compared to traditional solutions.  36 6-way zone valves have been installed to control the HVAC system in heat/cold mode year-round without the need to turn it off to shift from the summer to the winter regime.

Easy to install yet featuring a sophisticated technology, the valves enable to control single zones of the system differently, shifting from heat to cold also during the same day. The 6-way zone valve by Giacomini is considered a market-leading product for its outstanding flow rate coefficient (Kv), which provides top-notch energy saving levels, and the most efficient overpressure protection device (by-pass) currently available.

Ideal comfort with constant and even temperatures in the various rooms, no convective motions, energy saving, outstanding control of the heat/cold system, enjoyability of the spaces: multiple benefits that make Giacomini’s invisible system the perfect HVAC solution for large professional units such as the CNR of Naples.

six way valve

The 6-way zone valves by Giacomini enable to control the supply to a single usage point from two different thermal energy sources, making easier the change-over from heating to cooling, even during the same day and in an independent way for each zone.

One 6-way valve can therefore replace four 2-way zone valves with no need to synchronize them to open/close the two sources. The Neapolitan CNR radiant floor system was created with EPS preformed insulation panels.

Radiant systems