Domar, Matera (Italy)

2019 Installation Project  Studio Loperfido

Project requirement  Installation of a HVAC system in a glassed building

Type and Volume Service-sector offices / 1400 sq. mt.

Distributor Termoacciai

Installer Ifir snc di A. Cutecchia

Domar chose the Klima New Building radiant system by Giacomini as a cutting-edge HVAC system for its new and ultra-technological headquarters of Matera.

The new headquarters of Domar Spa, a company in Matera specialized in the production of automotive items, with its striking technological structure, perfectly mirrors the Italian companies that know how to make a difference while looking at the future.
The client knew exactly what it wanted and relied on expert figures for the offices that we know how to create with the right mix of technology and design in an enjoyable workspace. Engineer Francesco Priore designed an office building of about 1400 sq. mt. featuring a 600 sq. mt. façade with large windows providing luminosity and a sense of great living comfort.

The furnishing and integration of the installation elements was assigned to architect Nico Colucci.
Studio Loperfido oversaw the installation planning and chose Giacomini’s radiant floors for heating and cooling combined to an air distribution system with variable flow rate. This solution, with its performances, meets the specifications required for a glassed building, especially in summer when the external temperatures generally reach 40 C°. This system is also invisible, with distribution manifolds concealed in minimal and linear cabinets designed by the architect for this specific purpose.
Finally, the radiant floors guarantee the ideal acoustic insulation, a must to ensure privacy to the offices.
The entire installation is managed and controlled by a BMS system.

Giacomini radiant floor system

The Klima New Building radiant system represents the perfect solution for new buildings and all those contexts that do not require low installation thicknesses. Panels are available smooth or with protrusions to satisfy every structural need, from residential to service-sector buildings. The panels and pipes are quick and easy to connect and lay, with various thicknesses available for every thermal insulation requirement. Among the many models available are versions also suitable for pipe diagonal laying and featuring specific acoustic insulation properties. The Klima New Building system installed at Domar features Giacotherm Pex-b polyethylene pipes.

Radiant systems