School of San Giulio, Orta (Italy)

2021 Installation Project Giacomini Engineering

Project requirement Implementation of air exchange

Type of building school


The Orta San Giulio school stands in the heart of the medieval village of Orta and houses the primary and secondary schools of the town.

Overlooking the Lake of Orta and with a breathtaking view on the island of San Giulio, the building features a structure of historical value paired to a modern heart. The school teaching method follows the Montessorian approach. The HVAC systems include the air treatment units by Giacomini to ensure proper air exchange during this delicate period.

The Covid-19 emergency has redefined the priorities of mayors and local administrations, and also a commune like Orta San Giulio, with a marked tourism vocation, has witnessed the urgent need of protecting its inhabitants’ health.

In a time of crisis like last year’s, mayor Giorgio Angeleri and Giacomini teamed up by installing in the town’s public schools and surgeries the CLEAN AIR air treatment units. Giacomini devised this solution at the pandemic outbreak to help making safe indoor spaces such as schools, surgeries, offices, gyms, restaurants, bars, beauty salons and hairdressers.

“During the Covid-19 emergency I had the chance to meet Valentina Giacomini, Managing Director of Giacomini S.p.A., and I told her I needed to understand how to make the public spaces of our Commune safer – said Giorgio Angeleri, mayor of Orta San Giulio - That is how I got acquainted with the new CLEAN AIR purifying units, designed by a company of our territory! We decided to install the machines in the primary and secondary school gym to provide safer spaces to our children. We installed two other machines in the town surgeries to protect the most fragile people. Orta San Giulio is famous mostly as a tourism destination, yet, as mayor, in this period I have to think about my citizens’ health first and foremost”.

The Giacomini air treatment units offer constant air exchange with heat thermodynamic recovery. The units are easy to install and not excessively invasive making them the ideal solution to upgrade and make indoor spaces for public use safer with no need of important construction works. Indoor spaces densely crowded and featuring poor air exchange have a higher risk of virus contagion.

“These are incredible devices - said Giovanni Bernasconi, doctor of the commune of Orta. In this pandemic time, they enable us to purify air without opening the windows during the cold season or when patients are in. The patients tell us that they feel safer in a room featuring this type of technology. I am confident that soon these units may be installed in other premises open to the public. Their very intuitive use and the comfort they offer make them the ideal solution to improve indoor air quality.”


The newly designed Clean-Air heat pumps by Giacomini provide uninterrupted air exchange with thermodynamic recovery. Their installation is easy, fast, and non-invasive, perfect to upgrade and make indoor environments open to public safer.

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