Why we believe in hydrogen

The growing demand for energy and the environmental issues deriving from fossil fuels make the use of renewable and “clean” resources a must. Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe, the molecule with the highest content of energy based on weight, and it can be exploited to produce, store and transport energy. That is why we believe hydrogen is the resource capable of meeting energy needs while respecting the planet.


Clean energy

One of the many benefits offered by hydrogen is that its combustion does not release carbon dioxide (CO₂), the main cause of the greenhouse effect, thus providing clean energy free of any polluting waste. Plus, hydrogen itself can be obtained from water through electrolysis and with no impact: the only waste resulting from the process is pure oxygen.


A strategic role

Hydrogen is an outstanding vector as it can "store" energy. That is why it could solve one of the major problems of energy management: storage. Its availability is unlimited: although almost absent in an elementary form in nature, it can be found in many compounds. Thanks to modern technologies, hydrogen can be stored as gas in pressurized containers, as liquid in cryogenic containers and as solid when combined to other elements (metal hydrides).


An ally of renewable sources

Today, about 23% of energy comes from renewable sources and, according to the Hydrogen Council experts, this value will reach 68% in 2050. However, the output of solar and wind power systems depends on sun and wind, with significant variations between energy production and demand. For example, the European production of solar energy decreases by 60% in winter, right when the demand is at its peak.

As an energy storage means, hydrogen is the right choice for systems that integrate renewable sources to recover the energy produced in excess for future use that would otherwise go wasted.

 Why we believe in hydrogen