Traditional radiant floor systems

Classic systems designed for new constructions or installations with no specific thickness requirement. Various thicknesses available according to the thermal insulation requirement.

Thermoformed insulation panels (with protrusions) or flat (smooth) insulation panels to satisfy every application need in the residential and service sectors.

Traditional radiant floor systems

Classic flat panel (R981B). Also available are versions combined to an aluminum sheet for enhanced heat distribution (R981AG) or to XPS insulations for greater resistance to compression.

Pannello classico

Unceasing innovation to improve the insulation capacity and make installation easier

Thermal insulation is always key and that is why we strive to keep improving the thermal resistance of our panels: we use graphite-enhanced polystyrene (EPS) with increased insulation properties (thermal conductivity 0,031 W/m K).

The ever-evolving insulation panel aims at satisfying new planning and application needs:


Panels that make connection and pipe laying easy and quick (save on manpower).

Simplified panel connection: contiguous panels fit perfectly together by overlapping the two larger edges of the black preformed polystyrene protection layer and create a homogeneous support base for the radiant circuits with no thermal bridges.

The special configuration of the preformed protrusion enables to firmly grip the pipes.


pavimento radiante

Diagonal laying of the pipes for easier installation in irregular spaces


posa in diagonale delle tubazioni

Use of EPS-T graphite-enhanced dual-density insulations featuring specific sound absorption properties.

Double density for R979TG panels.
1. higher density layer; 2. layer with lower density

utilizzo isolanti a doppia intensità