Modular manifolds for domestic water distribution

Giacomini’s R585CS modular manifolds with shut-off valves for domestic water systems are designed to streamline at best installation work while offering a simple and quick assembly also in confined spaces. Threads phasings enables to perfectly align manifolds which can be assembled tool-free.
Plus, the preassembled O-Ring on the male thread ensures proper sealing with no need for additional elements such as hemp or PTFE.

Modular manifolds for domestic water distribution

User friendly

R585CS modular manifolds are user friendly.
Handwheels are connected to the shut-off cock with a screw and include two metal plates: the first shows the related single usage point, while the second indicates if the domestic water flowing through the manifold is hot or cold.

manifolds plates

State-of-the-art versatility and compactness

Available in two versions (G 3/4" x 3/4"E’  and G 1" x 3/4"E) with 2, 3 or 4 outlets, the R585CS modular manifolds are compatible with up to 20 mm pipes via compression fittings: the 40 mm center distance allows for easy connection using the R131 wrench.

manifolds assembly

Quick and simple assembly thanks to phased threads and preassembled O-Ring

Quick and simple tool-free installation.
No need for additional sealing elements such as hemp or PTFE thanks to the preassembled O-Ring.

Quick and simple tool-free installation


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