Energy Management

Our enthusiasm for energy has been with us right from the start. It even comes out in our corporate colour, “energising” red, and our motto - WATER E-(energy)-MOTION. For Giacomini, energy management means components for energy consumption optimisation and metering, and for the distribution of hot and cold fluids.

  • Direct energy metering

    To ensure greater efficiency for the building/system and the reduction of polluting emissions, the centralised heating system is once again becoming popular in the new condominiums.  Each condominium, however, wants to manage ON/OFF times and comfort temperatures autonomously, paying only for what has actually been consumed.

    To meet these needs, we've produced a complete series of solutions for directly metering thermal energy. Together with individual thermoregulation, they allow you to combine the advantages of a centralised system with those of an autonomous one.  

  • Indirect energy metering

    Even in “upright or vertical column” condominium systems, heating costs can be allocated on the basis of real consumption, to respect the European directives and national regulations regarding the energy requalification of buildings.

    By combining individual thermoregulation (with our thermostatic valves) and metering (with our electronic heat cost allocator) for every radiator, even systems that are old in terms of concept and manufacture can be requalified, bringing them into line with the modern demands for comfort and energy savings.

  • Components for radiators

    The most traditional device for heating a room - the radiator - has always been able to rely on Giacomini components. We're universally recognised as specialists in the manufacture of valves, lockshield valves, thermostatic heads, and all the other accessories involved in the operation of any heating element.

    Technical skill, production reliability, wide range: these are the characteristics that allow us to easily equip every type of radiator, whether in new installations or in energy requalification projects.

  • Boiler room components

    Modern buildings have to guarantee operating continuity, easy maintenance, and low management costs; that's why even heating systems have to offer optimum safety and reliability, and fully meet the legislative and prescriptive regulations.

    To satisfy these needs beginning right in the heart of the system, the boiler room, we have a complete range of components for ensuring excellent control and energy efficiency.

  • Circuit balancing

    With hydronic balancing, the system can be easily controlled to ensure that all the components are working well over time, and to guarantee excellent performance levels in terms of energy efficiency and reliability.

    The result is a perfectly balanced system able to ensure the correct heating or cooling power, with quiet operation and a long working life for the main system components.

  • Components for distribution lines

    Regardless of its economic value and its size, each component of an optimised system must offer the maximum reliability.

    This is why, with our range of pipes, fittings, manifolds and shut-off valves, we want to ensure not only constant performance levels but also absolute peace of mind throughout the working life of the system.