Gas distribution

We're good at managing fluids, including those with a certain degree of risk, like gases. We've put this skill to good use, developing products and distribution systems able to safely and quickly convey gases for heating buildings.

  • Multigas distribution system

    Multigas is the result of our lengthy experience in the production of articles for the chased distribution of fuel gas in the domestic environment. This system takes full advantage of the peculiarities of multilayer pipes - the unquestionable stars of the system range in recent years. Apart from pipes in various diameters, the system also includes a vast assortment of multipress fittings as well as other specific components for gas distribution.

  • Gas distribution components

    We have established a precise market positioning in the fluid distribution field, in particular with regards gases and liquid hydrocarbons.

    We are a distribution partner and a firm reference for this sector, thanks also to the specific technological solutions developed over the years, with strict respect of the international standards, reliability and safety being fundamental requirements.