Icona installatori

For installers

For you, the installer and maintenance worker, who is asked to create systems with high technological content to guarantee comfort, safety and energy savings, we have qualified personnel available to help you choose optimal solutions. Professional training, consulting and assistance at the worksite are among the most important services that you will find in our world. 

Products and systems consulting

We make available to you our know-how to support you during the installation  in accordance with best practices of all the products and systems in the catalogue,  in full compliance with safety and the regulations of reference. Our company technical consultants can provide you with support during every building installation phase, thanks to qualified technical skills and the experience accrued in the field, with operational assistance at the worksite.

Our network of area Sales Managers and Salespersons are available all over Italy for technical updates, estimate calculation and inspections at the worksite.

Icona formazione per i professionisti Giacomini

Professional training

Our professional training centre, the Giacomini Academy, has the important task of spreading the technologies and the experience accrued in over sixty years of activity in the plant engineering field among the operators of the industry. Giacomini Academy has trained over 20.000 installers. Our experience is available to you through training courses on the new products, on the most innovative installation techniques, on compliance with the new regulations in effect, and much more.