M-Bus data centralization

The new M-bus modular centralization system comprises two solutions and allows to place the various devices in series expanding the reading possibility from 60 to 250 devices.

The standard solution is to use a local M-Bus concentrator that supports up to 60 devices and allows the on-site consultation and acquisition of data on the PC through a special software and USB cable. Up to 4 local concentrators can be placed in series and therefore up to 240 devices managed.

The complete solution consists of a datalogger with integrated web server that supports up to 4 local concentrators expanding the network to 250 devices.

GE552Y056 *
Local concentrator for the collection, processing and recording of data originated from the M-Bus network. Capable of managing up to 60 devices. To be used with the software for data acquisition GE552Y056.
* The code refers to no. 1 user license.

M-Bus datalogger for the collection, processing and recording of data originating from local GE552Y050 concentrators (max. 4 concentrators). Can manage directly up to 20 devices and expands the M-Bus network up to 250 devices.

3G/EDGE/GPRS wireless modem router for remote connection of GE552Y051/GE552Y052 datalogger.

M-Bus module for water meters.
To be installed on the water meter GE552Y124, GE552Y125, GE552Y126, GE552Y127.

Product Code Size Pack Single Pack Multiple
GE552Y050 M-Bus central unit 60 adresses 1 -
GE552Y051 Datalogger for 240 devices 1 -
GE552Y014 M-Bus module for GE552Y124-5-6-7 1 -
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