Control unit with touch screen for climatic control

Control unit with touch screen display for climatic control.
It can be properly configured based on the installed system.
The control unit features a specific software version according to the different type of system:
- KD410Y001: Connect-RAD for radiant systems
- KD410Y002: Connect-TRV for thermoregulation systems with thermostatic valves

It supports the following communication protocols:
- ZigBee (wireless communication with K470W chronothermostat for radiators)
- WiFi (wireless communication with WiFi Router)
- LoRa (wireless communication with KA410 control actuator and K410W temperature/humidity sensors)
- Modbus (wired communication with KPM40 actuator modules)


KD410Y002 Connect-TRV
Power supply:
- Table mount connection: 5 Vdc (through external power supply 230 Vac / 5 Vdc mini-USB)
- Wall mount connection: 12 Vdc (though rear quick connector 230 Vdc / 12 Vdc)

KD410Y001 Connect-RAD
Power supply: 12 Vdc through KPM40 actuator module

Product Code Size Pack Single Pack Multiple
KD410Y002 Connect-TRV (230 V) 1 -


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