Dynamic balancing valve

Dynamic balancing valve, with integrated cartridge for stabilizing the flow rate.
Brass body with female-female connections and predisposition for the connection of probe holder.
Polymer cartridge, possibly replaceable, equipped with double indicator for the precise adjustment of the flow rate.
Maximum working temperature: 120 °C.
Maximum working pressure: 25 bar.


- P206A: spare part cartridges.
- P206Y001: probe holder.
- R225EY001: differential manometer.

Product Code Size Pack Single Pack Multiple
R206AY013 1/2" 1 -
R206AY014 3/4" 1 -
R206AY015 1" 1 -
R206AY016 1 1/4" 1 -
R206AY017 1 1/2" 1 -
R206AY018 2" 1 -
Reduced flow rate
Product Code Size Pack Single Pack Multiple
R206AY033 1/2" 1 -
R206AY034 3/4" 1 -
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