Pressure independent control valves (PICV)

Pressure independent control valve (PICV) that combines an
automatic flow rate regulator and a control valve with actuator. Brass body with female-female threads and predisposition for the connection of probe holder.
Polymer cartridge, possibly replaceable.
Flow rate is adjusted in two different ways:
- manually on the automatic flow rate regulator, to restrict the maximum value
- automatically by the control valve in combination with a proportional (0÷10 V) or ON/OFF actuator, in accordance with the thermal load requirements of the section of the circuit to be controlled.


- K281X012: actuator for R206AM valve. Supply 24 V - 0÷10 V version. Valve connection M30 x 1,5 mm.
- P206A: spare part cartridges.
- P206Y001: probe holder.
- R225EY001: differential manometer.

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