Radiant plasterboard ceilings

Behind the appearance of a normal plasterboard ceiling are hidden active radiant elements which form an innovative radiant system with water, ideal for winter and summer air conditioning, and capable of combining well-being and energy savings. 

Ideal system for residential buildings, new and restored, but also applicable to other civilian sectors (offices and professional firms, commercial environments, hospitality structures, school rooms) where the need for summer cooling is a priority and the application of a radiant ceiling is the best way to enhance it, also thanks to the convective effect triggered naturally.

We make available various engineering solutions, the result of our multi-year experience accrued in the field of radiant ceiling technology, to satisfy every performance and financial requirement.


GKC Classic and Super Classic

This system, designed for medium-small rooms, is characterized by plasterboard panels activated by hydraulic circuits made with PEX pipes inserted in special housings of the plate.
The superior thermal insulation is guaranteed by a layer of sintered expanded polystyrene (EPS).
Inactive panels, load bearing structure and elements of hydraulic connection complete the system which, because of its modularity, can also adequately cover rooms with complex geometry.  

Connection components and other elements

The following complete our offer for the realization of the radiant system: PB pipes with anti-oxygen barrier, distribution manifolds, adaptors, connection kits made of flexible pipes in butyl covered in stainless steel braid and removable push-fitting connections, load-bearing structures and spacers, inspection hatches for access to the zone hydraulic distribution.


Active panel: activation GKC with PEX pipe.

Thermal insulation upward through the layer of EPS arranged on the upper side of the panels.

Hydraulic circuit designed on the plasterboard panel, to facilitate the installation operations.

Possibility of inspection. Through appropriate inspection hatches it is possible to access the zone hydraulic distribution.

Integration with other plant engineering. In the inactive panels, it is easy to integrate components of other systems, such as lighting devices, air diffusors or loudspeakers. 


  • Maximum environmental comfort (uniform distribution of the horizontal and vertical temperatures, absence of drafts and dust circulation, silent operation)
  • Efficient energy consumption for the entire life of the building (lower comfort temperature compared to that of traditional radiator systems, for an energy savings of 7÷8% for every degree less of the air)
  • Ideal climate for all seasons, given that a single system is suitable for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer
  • Thanks to the operation with water at less extreme temperatures, it is ideal in combination with high efficiency generators (such as condensing boilers and heat pumps) and provides efficient use of renewable sources (such as geothermal and solar thermal)
  • Maximum architectural freedom, thanks to the absence of terminals in the room
  • No maintenance
  • For new constructions and restorations in both the residential and tertiary/industrial sectors
  • Single producer to guarantee a wide range of complete, reliable and economical solutions
  • Aesthetically valuable and highly functional solutions
  • Great liberty in the use of the spaces
  • High performing systems (high yield and low thermal inertia), silent and with financial convenience over the span of the entire useful life
  • Compliance with the most recent laws which require the realization of energy efficient buildings, in which the building shell and systems are designed one as a function of the other
  • Large catalogue, for all fields of application (new construction and restorations, residential and tertiary/industrial)
  • Easy integration of room terminals of other engineering
  • Ideal in combination with high efficiency generators, such as condensing boilers and heat pumps
  • Possibility of effective use of renewable sources, such as geothermal and solar thermal
  • Technical consulting at the company to support the professional in the project
  • Supporting calculation programs
  • Specific training at the company
  • Complete catalogue for every installation need
  • Continuous updating of the range
  • Single contact person for the entire system, to guarantee cost savings and efficient service
  • Single contact person for the entire system
  • Complete catalogue for every installation need
  • Continuous updating of the range
  • Panels pre-assembled at the factory to facilitate the installation phase at the worksite
  • System of rapid installation
  • Qualified technical consulting at the company
  • Specific training at the company
  • System with virtually no maintenance, for high operating continuity


Catalogues and leaflets

R004EN Catalogue radiant ceilings

Technical focus

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