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Training in Giacomini

For over twenty years, we have been a leader in training experts in our industry. But this is not enough any more. Today, designers, architects, installers and retailers need a place for interaction, a  platform dedicated to them, where they can get in touch with the latest industry news talking with top specialists. That's why we invested in our Giacomini Academy: more than a thousand square meters where we want to invite and meet our customers and users, listen to them and their needs, to offer training courses that are talor made for them.

Giacomini courses at the Academy

We want the Giacomini Academy to be a place of exchange between our company and its partners, so that this coming togheter becomes a source of mutual enrichment and stimulation for constant improvement. Because of this, we provide qualified and experienced trainers who know how to combine technical expertise with a keen sensitivity to the commercial aspects and needs of the market.
In our seminars, as well as to go in depth in the installation aspects, we focus on new market trends and the latest technologies, on top of applicable laws and regulations.

Video Tutorials

To be able to watch the most important phases of the installation of Giacomini products and systems as many times as you want.

Video tutorials

R553FKDB | Flushing and filling the system

Video presentations

R145XC | Compact filter-dirt separator

Video presentations

GIACOMINI WEB ACADEMY | CLEAN AIR compact ventilation units with heat recovery