Let's build our future!


The Giacomini Group looks optimistically to the future.
Recently, the investment plan defined by the Group found in Banco BPM a strategic partner for the purchase, which has been finalized in these days, of a 300,000 square-meter plot of land in the industrial area of Pogno (NO).

This investment will support the Group’s development and industrial growth in the coming years.

"This is a milestone in the history of the Giacomini Group, which further consolidates its roots in the territory, continues to believe in its people and confirms its choice of a 100% Made in Italy production"

commented Luca Zaglio, General Manager of Giacomini.

"We aim to be a purely Italian manufacturing company that uses its more than 70 years of experience to look actively to the future.
Made in Italy is our core, our hallmark from which we started to build a solid and competitive innovation on all world markets.
It is a courageous choice made by the shareholders who decided to give continuity to the founder's values and the company mission."

The intention of the top management is to further accelerate industrial investments to enhance competitiveness in a market characterized by strong and rapid changes.
The Giacomini Group wants to play a leading role in the energy transition that will bring the construction industry towards climate neutrality, promoting integrated plant engineering systems for comfortable, efficient, healthy and sustainable air conditioning and safe water management inside buildings.