Giacomini S.p.A. joins Q-RAD, the Italian Consortium of Manufacturers of Quality Radiant Systems.


This new membership consolidates more and more the network of companies that participate in the activities carried out by the Consortium: from research in the technical-scientific field, in collaboration with DENERG (Department of Energy "Galileo Ferraris" of the Polytechnic University of Turin) to activities in the regulatory field up to professional training and dissemination of radiant air conditioning technology.

Giacomini S.p.A. joins Q-RAD as an Extraordinary Consortium member with the aim of enriching the Consortium's network of skills and experience and to consolidate actions to raise awareness of the benefits of radiant technology among decision makers.

The Q-RAD Consortium is composed of radiant system manufacturers, companies related to the sector, and research organizations and associations. All the consortium members in Q-RAD have years of experience in the industry, because only the experience and know-how of those who have been in the market for a long time can guarantee reliability and quality. The founding and consortium companies, are highly specialized in the radiant systems sector and constantly committed to investing in technological innovation.

Q-RAD participates as the Italian referent in more than 15 national and international (ISO, CEN, UNI) standards tables affecting radiant systems. It has recently contributed to the revision of the two main industry standards, UNI EN 1264 and UNI EN ISO 11855, and has always been an active partner of both industry associations such as AICARR, ANIT, AIPE and professional associations such as AIPPL (Italian Association of Wood Floor Layers).

Q-RAD's mission is to promote, enhance and develop awareness of the advantages of radiant heating and cooling as a solution to help save energy and provide living comfort, both in residential and in the tertiary and industrial sectors. Q-RAD also contributes, to the dissemination of technical, performance and application information, related to radiant systems, with the aim of promoting their proper use, the dissemination of relevant regulations and initiatives that affect all stakeholders in the sector