Goodbye Daniela, have a safe trip


Daniela Mori, Giacomini

We are back to work, speechless. Your desk is empty, but for everyone you are still there.

You are there to show us with your example how decisions are made, how you can be "on the front line" without ever losing touch with the many implications, small and big, that a company has to face.
Side by side, you have lived with us all the moments we have encountered in these years, positive occasions and true challenges that made us stronger.

You have spurred and directed us with your sometimes rough ways, but always rich of humanity. Yours was a silent sensitivity. Your extraordinary bond with our Company will always be an example to us, it will make us feel as if you were still here.

Goodbye Daniela, have a safe trip.


The Giacomini Group gathers around Daniela's family in this painful moment.
Her funeral will be held today April 26th at 2.30 pm in in Borgomanero, at the Church of San Bartolomeo.