Innovahub Hylife Inauguration in Holland


May 21. Inauguration of the first Hylife Innovahub in Holland, in Stad aan 't Haringvliet, southwest of Rotterdam.

Inauguration Hinnovahub in Holland

Revolutionary Inauguration: The First Hylife Innovahub is Born!

On May 21, we participated in the inauguration of a true revolution in the energy sector: the first Innovahub by Hylife Innovations. After showcasing the scale model at the ISH Frankfurt stand in March 2023, this cutting-edge solution has now become a reality!

Innovahub: A Solution for the Future of Energy

In a few days, Innovahub will be operational to support the Dutch power grid, which is challenged by the intermittent production of renewable energy. Thanks to Innovahub, it will be possible to store energy in buffer tanks, batteries, and, most importantly, in hydrogen cylinders for long-term use. This technology not only alleviates the power grid but also allows energy to be redistributed to 17 homes through an urban heating and cooling network.

Giacomini: A Pioneering Partner

Giacomini, a leader in residential hydrogen solutions, was the first partner of Hylife Innovations in the design of Innovahub. Our contribution has been crucial in various areas, from engineering to hydraulics, from sizing to regulatory compliance.

Advanced Technologies Integrated into Innovahub

Innovahub is a fusion of advanced technologies, including:

  • 2 hydrogen boilers
  • 4 heat pumps of 18 kW each
  • 2 buffer tanks
  • Substations of 60 kW and 120 kW
  • Satellites with integrated boosters for the 17 homes
  • Radiant floor heating/cooling
  • Thermostats and controls
  • Regulation valves

But that's not all! Innovahub also includes a 70 kW electrolyzer, 30 kW fuel cells, 140 kWh battery storage, and 3 MWh of hydrogen storage, all orchestrated by a sophisticated EMS (Energy Management System). Over 40 engineers have contributed to the development of this innovative software!

A New Standard for the Power Grid

We are confident that May 21 marked the beginning of a new era. Innovahub is already proving to be the ideal solution to avoid power grid congestion and to create new energy-independent neighborhoods that require efficient connections.

As you can see, we are facing a true revolution in the energy field. We look forward to sharing this innovation with the world!