Open day at Cobianchi school in Verbania with Giacomini


Many students interested in pursuing energy and mechanical engineering.

Open day at Cobianchi school in Verbania with Giacomini

Open day at IIS "Lorenzo Cobianchi" in Verbania. Lots of students gathered in the main hall, listening to our HR Manager Emanuele Peraldi and Roberto Torreggiani, Chief Engineer.

Emanuele shared insights on the actual skills that companies like ours are looking for these days.
His mission? Help students figure out what to focus on based on what's hot in the job market.
After that, Torreggiani Roberto took the mic for the tech talk. He got personal, saying, "I envy you guys. If I could do it all over again, I'd be right here in your school. And remember, competence is the foundation of success".

Students were all ears, soaking in the wisdom about how crucial their education is, sharing thier professional dreams and ambitions. After watching our corporate video, Emanuele asked: "What caught your eye in the company video?" Answers covered all type of aspects, but they all boiled down to one thing - people. Wrapping it up, Emanule underlined "People are our secret sauce. You guys are the key to whatever the future will throw at us."