Fan coils

KFC-F Fan coil for in-floor installation

High-efficiency fan coil for flush-mount in-floor installation, fit for architectonic contexts with large facades requiring sun shading in summer or protection from discomfortable cold drafts in winter.
The fan coil creates an air barrier which envelopes the exposed glass surfaces to neutralize thermal discomfort.

3 different output versions.
Compact dimensions and reduced installation space.
2-pipe version, with left-side or right-side connections.
DC inverter technology for very low energy consumptions and state-of-the-art operational stability.
Top-notch working quietness.
Electronic cards for wall-mount remote control with fix or modulating speed, 0..10 V analogic outlet.
“Open window” dry contact inlet for automatic on/off control of the fan coil.


KFCFF...: electronic board for wall remote control with fix speeds.

KFCFM...: electronic board for wall remote control, speed modulating, with 0..10 V analogic inlet.

To be completed with KFC-FA accessories:
- galvanized metal case for concealed in-floor installation, it enables to perform wiring and hydronic connections to install the unit.
- walkable covering grid: it perfectly matches the case and includes a fix deflector to distribute the air flow. Easy to remove for full maintenance of the unit.


Code Size BIM(revit) CAD(dxf) Certification
KFCFF004 V.400 /RT /Fix speeds 1 0 - -
KFCFF006 V.600 /RT /Fix speeds 1 0 - -
KFCFF008 V.800 /RT /Fix speeds 1 0 - -
KFCFF104 V.400 /LT /Fix speeds 1 0 - -
KFCFF106 V.600 /LT /Fix speeds 1 0 - -
KFCFF108 V.800 /LT /Fix speeds 1 0 - -
KFCFM004 V.400 /RT /Speed modulating 1 0 - -
KFCFM006 V.600 /RT /Speed modulating 1 0 - -
KFCFM008 V.800 /RT /Speed modulating 1 0 - -
KFCFM104 V.400 /LT /Speed modulating 1 0 - -
KFCFM106 V.600 /LT /Speed modulating 1 0 - -
KFCFM108 V.800 /LT /Speed modulating 1 0 - -


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