Hydrogen systems

Hydrogen systems

It is indeed possible to produce heat and energy from renewable sources in a zero-emission cycle and without waste – by using hydrogen. For us, this possibility is already a reality: our commitment in the field of research has led us to obtain two patents and to create the first hydrogen-powered boiler, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.

  • Why we believe in hydrogen

    The growing demand for energy, and the environmental impact of using fossil fuels, make it essential that we find renewable and "clean" sources of energy instead. Hydrogen, the most widely available element in the universe, is the molecule with the highest density of energy per weight, and can be used not only to produce, but also to store and transport energy

    Why we believe in hydrogen
  • H₂ydroGEM, the hydrogen boiler by Giacomini

    Heating without polluting, using only renewable energy sources, is no longer a futuristic scenario, thanks to hydrogen.

    With our hydrogen boiler H₂ydroGEM, it is already possible to produce thermal energy from the combination of hydrogen and oxygen, and to use the heat generated by that reaction to warm an entire house.

  • Our partner: Solenco Power

    We are shareholders of Solenco Power NV, a pioneer in the design, manufacturing and distribution of hydrogen-based products and services. More specifically, the Belgian company specialises in research and development, and in the design and manufacture of decentralized energy storage and management systems  which offer integrated zero-emission solutions and optimize the efficiency of renewable energy sources, like the revolutionary Solenco Powerbox.

    Our partner: Solenco Power