Differential pressure controller

Differential pressure controller, equipped with a copper capillary pipe 1 m lenght.
Nominal differential pressure adjusted from 5÷30 KPa in "Low" modality or from 25÷60 KPa in "High" modality.

Product Code Size Pack Single Pack Multiple
R206CY103 DN15 - 1/2" - Kv 2,24 1 8
R206CY104 DN20 - 3/4" - Kv 3,49 1 8
R206CY105 DN25 - 1" - Kv 5,92 1 8
R206CY106 DN32 - 1 1/4" - Kv 6,95 1 6
R206CY107 DN40 - 1 1/2" - Kv 11,72 1 6
R206CY108 DN50 - 2" - Kv 12,97 1 6
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