Modular manifolds without stop valve

Distribuition modular manifold, outlets with base, Eurocone and 1/2" adaptor connections.
Temperature range: 5÷110 °C
Max. working pressure: 10 bar


Manifolds 3/4" x 1/2": outlets centre distance 35 mm.
Manifolds 1" x 3/4"Eurocone: outlets centre distance 40 mm.
Manifolds 3/4" x 16 and 1" x 16: outlets centre distance 35 mm.

With manifolds: R580CY062, R580CY063, R580CY064 (adaptor seat Ø 16 mm) can be used only adaptors R179EY055, R179EY056, R179EY058, RM179Y113, RM179Y116, R178EY121, R178EY122, R178EY123, R178EY124, R178EY125.

With manifolds: R580CY052, R580CY053, R580CY054 can be used only adaptors R179EX021, R179EX022, R179EX023, R179EX024, R179EX025, R179EX026, R179EX027, R179EY028, RM179X103, RM179X106, R178EX112, R178EX113, R178EX104, R178EX115, R178EX116.

With base 16 manifolds use base 16 R178, R179, R179AM adaptors.

for connection to the pipe using the adapters R179EY054 or RM179Y103

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