Preformed panel for systems with thin screed

Preformed panel for radiant floor with thin screed, made of high resistance PPR.
Pitch of laying 50 mm.
Standard panels: for pipes with Ø16÷18 mm.
Slim panels: for pipes with Ø12 mm.
Effective dimension standard panels: 800 x 600 mm.
Effective dimension slim panels: 1200 x 600 mm.
Ideal for restorations.


For the fixing of R979SY001, R979SY005, R979SY021 and R979SY025 panels, use the R983Y041 plastic plugs.

R979SY021, R979SY025: 0,19 (m²K)/W

Standard version
Product Code Size Pack Single Pack Multiple
R979SY001 T50 - h22 self-adhesive -
R979SY011 T50 - h22 with pins 7,20 -
R979SY021 T50 - h22 with high-density 8,64 -
Slim version
Product Code Size Pack Single Pack Multiple
R979SY005 T50 - h15 self-adhesive 15,84 -
R979SY025 T50 - h15 with high-density 10,08 -


Video presentations

R979S | "Spider SLIM" low thickness panel for radiant systems

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