Circuit balancing

With hydronic balancing, the system can be easily controlled to ensure that all the components are working well over time, and to guarantee excellent performance levels in terms of energy efficiency and reliability.

The result is a perfectly balanced system able to ensure the correct heating or cooling power, with quiet operation and a long working life for the main system components.


Dynamic balancing valves

The dynamic balancing valves maintain a constant flow rate for the fluid that passes through them, even when there is a variation in the difference between upstream and downstream pressure. They are used to automatically balance the hydraulic circuit, guaranteeing the flow rate specified in the project.

Static balancing valves

In the threaded static balancing valves, the flow rate is measured with a Venturi device inside the valve body.

This device guarantees accurate adjustment and easy use during calibration.

Differential pressure control valves

The differential pressure regulators maintain a constant pressure difference, regardless of the flow rate. In this way, they perform a stable, precise, modulating check, reducing the noise level of the control valves and simplifying the balancing and initial start-up operations.


Dynamic balancing valves with integrated cartridge for flow rate stabilization.

The polymer cartridge can be substituted and is equipped with a double meter for a precise flow meter measurement.

The static balancing valve, with a single hole (flow meter and Venturi meter), equipped with an ABS handle with stamped on it the Kv Venturi. Possibility to have it factory-set thanks to mechanical memory. Available with or without probe holder for differentail pressure meter.

To get an accurate circuit balance our catalogies also includes, on top of valves, specific tools and probe holders to measure differential pressure and flow rate calculations.


  • Comfort and energy savings
  • Quiet system operation
  • A long working life for the main system components
  • Extensive product catalogue
  • Technical consultancy within the company
  • Possibility to take advantage of the services of expert installers and the Giacomini Professional Service network


  • Complete catalogue for every installation need
  • Continuously updated range
  • Wide range for every installation requirement
  • Continuously updated range
  • Expert technical consultancy within the company
  • Possibility of assistance via the Giacomini Professional Service network


Dynamic balancing valves

Static balancing valves

Differential pressure regulators


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