Air treatment for radiant systems

Comfort means quality and healthiness of the environment we live in. In modern buildings, hermetically "sealed" because of energy efficiency reasons, it is key to ensure the proper air treatment and control hygrometric conditions. Paired with our radiant systems, we offer machines manufactured ad hoc to control humidity levels during summer months, to allow air exchange in the different environments and heat recovery.



Monobloc unit for the control of the air humidity, compact and noiseless, ideal for the combination with radiant panels for cooling systems in residential applications. In this refrigerated unit, equipped with hydronic batteries that are  supplied with the cooled water of the panels, the air undergoes a proper thermodynamic treatment to be strongly dehumidified and prevent the condensate risk. Versions with integration of sensible power and primary air treatment are also available.

Machines for mechanical controlled ventilation and heat recovery

Monobloc air treatment unit, to be combined with cooling radiant systems, to make the functions of dehumidification, renewal, free-cooling, air-heating, integration of sensible thermal power In an easy and effective way. It is the evolution of the simple dehumidifier, combined with a counter-current air heat recuperator of high efficiency and a specific additional ventilation system.


Deumidificatori con installazione ad incasso a parete KDP o a controsoffitto KDS

Versioni a parete: disponibili controcassa e pannello frontale in legno laccato bianco

Complete di sezione filtrante estraibile in materiale sintetico classe G3 (EN779:2002)

Circuito frigorifero con gas refrigerante R134a

Macchine KDV dotate di 5 serrande aria motorizzate per la regolazione dei flussi ed ottimizzazione delle prestazioni



  • Top environmental comfort and healthiness in every season
  • Functions: summer dehumidification; power integration; free-cooling for intermediate seasons; ventilation; air exchange control
  • No condensation and mold risk, and therefore the property value is maintained
  • Energy savings thanks to heat recovery
  • Compact and silent machines for a subtle and integrated placement in the room
  • User-friendly
  • Integration with all types of radiant systems and thermoregulation
  • Extensive catalogue with standardized solutions
  • Ability to integrate power in summer and winter
  • Qualified technical consulting from the manufacturing company to support the Designer during the project
  • Specific technical training by company
  • Complete catalogue for all installation requirements
  • Constant range update
  • Single point of contact with one company for the entire system, to ensure prompt and effective service
  • Single point of contact with one company for the entire system
  • Complete catalogue for all installation requirements
  • Connections designed for ease of installation
  • Constant range update
  • Qualified technical consulting from the manufacturing company
  • Specific technical training by company




Macchine per ventilazione meccanica controllata e recupero calore



ER0008 - HRV catalog

ER0009 - CLEAN-AIR folder


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