Heat interface units for direct metering

GE556 Standard heat interface unit

GE556 Standard heat interface unit

Heat Interface Unit (HIU) for centralized systems, for managing heating and domestic hot water production.
- Heat exchanger for instantaneous production of domestic hot water.
- Filter and housing for delivery temperature probe, on the primary side.
- Motorizable zone valve and lockshield for static balancing, on the heating side.
- Pre-arrangement for housing the HIU inside a metallic template fitted with shut-off valves.
- Plastic spacers for installation of thermal energy meter and domestic water meter.
- Box with terminal board for electric connections.
- Fittings for connection and fixing.
- Max. working temperature: 90 °C
- Max. working pressure: 16 bar (10 bar with plastic spacer)

Dimensions and notes:
- GE556Y301: 540 x 390 x 150 mm
Priority valve
Heat exchanger power: 44 kW
- GE556Y302: 540 x 390 x 150 mm
Priority valve
Heat exchanger power: 58 kW
- GE556Y303: 540 x 390 x 15 0 mm
Thermostatic control and dynamic balancing
Heat exchanger power: 58 kW
- GE556Y314: 540 x 390 x 150 mm
Softened water management
Heat exchanger power: 44 kW

To complete the GE556 HIU, the following may be ordered separately:
- Thermal energy meter, GE552 series
- Domestic water meter, GE552-2 series
- Actuator for commanding the zone valve, K270 series
- Template for installation in worksite, GE551-2 series
- Additional valve kit (only for GE556Y314)
- Components for M-Bus data centralization (GE552-4 series),
or Wireless M-Bus data centralization (GE552-W series)

Technical documentation GE556Y301-302,GE556Y303


Code Size BIM(revit) CAD(dxf) Certification
GE556Y301 G 3/4"M 1 0 - -
GE556Y302 G 3/4"M 1 0 - -
GE556Y303 G 3/4"M 1 0 - -
GE556Y314 G 3/4"M 1 0 - -

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